FREE Printable Coloring Activity Page Pine Rocklands Habitat

FREE Printable Coloring Activity Page Pine Rocklands Habitat

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We will be listing some free digital printables in an effort to make everyone's Covid quarantine a little bit more bearable.

Our first free printable is right out of our Miami Coloring book but is all about the Pine Rocklands, an important ecosystem for everyone to learn about.

Once you checkout, I will email you a link to the downloadable files. If you have any trouble with the printable (provided in both PDF and JPG format) reach out to us and stay tuned for more.


Pine Rocklands are forests that form on limestone outcrops with very thin soil. You can only find them in South Florida, the Keys, and some islands of the Bahamas. More than 200 native plants types live here and more than 20% of them don’t exist anywhere else in the world. Five of these plant species are federally listed as threatened or endangered.

They once covered 185,000 acres of Miami-Dade County. But now, less than 2% of the forests remain. Can you find all of the plants, animals, insects and reptiles that call the Rocklands home in the picture below? Dade Pine Trees, Indian blanket flower, Coontie, Beauty Berry, Salvia flowering grass, Corkie Stem Passionvine. Atala Butterfly, Zebra Longwing. Screech Owl, Red Bellied Woodpecker, Painted Bunting. Possum, Gray Fox, Black Racer Snake.

These printables are intended for personal, non-commercial use only and are not to be reproduced or sold, in part of in full. For commercial use, please send me an inquiry.  Copyright by Nestnotes 2020.