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The Miami Coloring Book offers an unprecedented visual tour of Miami’s colorful past, present and its critical preservation.

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Chase Simmering, 347-326-2710


November 13, 2019

MIAMI—A beautiful and one-of-a-kind homage to Miami has just arrived. Featuring 52 perfect-bound pages, The Miami Coloring Book was created by local designer, Chase Simmering for her company, Nestnotes, which specializes in creating print keepsakes that tell stories.

After relocating to Miami six years ago from Western Massachusetts with her husband and two small children, Simmering made it her mission to learn all about her new surroundings.

“To ease the transition and help get our kids excited about our new home, we decided to start exploring. It became our family quest, to discover the stories of our new neighborhood and city.” Simmering says, “What we learned is Miami is a city with a history as wild and textured as its landscapes. And those incredible landscapes which seem so invulnerable and formidable are actually quite deceiving. The braver we’ve gotten and the deeper we’ve traveled, the clearer its become how utterly delicate and vulnerable the environment is in Miami and how much it needs our protection.”

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Simmering’s family explorations evolved into wanting to find a visual way to celebrate the history of Miami, the people who helped shape it into what it’s become and the uncanny diversity of its inhabitants today. She began the project while attending Babson’s WINLab program for women entrepreneurs and completed it this fall with the support of O, Miami Poetry Festival.

Rich with beautifully detailed illustrations created in collaboration with Simmering and freelance illustrator, Manuela Guttierez, The Miami Coloring Book leans more towards timeless keepsake than children’s coloring book. Covering subjects such as The Seminole, Julia Tuttle, The Fairchilds and their botanical adventures, Little Haiti, Athalie Range, Marjory Stoneman Douglas & The Everglades, the infamous Florida Keys Wreckers and Stiltsville, The Miami Coloring Book offers a glimpse into often unseen or overlooked parts of our city and its story.

Demonstrating a deep respect for the diversity of Miami’s wildlife and habitats, The Miami Coloring Book also includes spreads dedicated to the Pine Rocklands, Native Butterflies, Bird Key, Manatee Bend Park and more.

“We couldn’t possibly fit it all into one book. These are our highlights.” Simmering explains, “This is miami through my family’s eyes: as we’ve gotten to know it, as we imagined it once was and as we hope to preserve it.“

The Miami Coloring Book is 9 inches by 12 inches and printed on FSC certified paper that is Carbon Neutral Plus and made with 100% renewable green electricity. Retail is $15 with wholesale options available.

Nestnotes is a Miami-based company that creates print keepsakes that tell stories, whether its family stories or the stories of the places we call home. The Nestnotes app, which is an app for families that helps surface and capture the moments that matter most and translates them into lasting digital and print keepsakes, will launch in early 2020. Chase Simmering completed both Babson WINLab and StartUp FIU in Miami.

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