Nestnotes helps you record and share your most important memories

Easily record all the little things you want to remember

Track your pregnancy, kids' growth and developmental milestones, trips you've taken, and more.

Nestnotes reminds you to record events like birthdays and holidays, and has hundreds of built-in prompts and questions to help surface memories so you can capture every moment.

Friends & family can also be invited to participate by submitting their own memories or notes.

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Share stress-free with the people who matter most

Nestnotes' simple privacy settings allow you to easily and safely select which memories are shared. Keep private pregnancy notes, let friends & family see the birthday photos, and share your funny stories with the world!

You can share memories directly from your Nestnotes profile, and easily link to them from your favorite social networks. Nestnotes also lets you print birth announcements, thank you notes, milestone postcards, and more using your saved memories.

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Cherish your memories later, online and in print

Nestnotes makes it easy to put your most precious memories in your hand. Design and order printed keepsakes like photo sets, birth announcements, pregnancy announcements, birthday invitations, and more.

We know how important your memories are. Nestnotes securely stores the original copies of your photos and videos, and allows you to export all your data at any time.

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